Authentic Japanese Cuisine Since 1985.



Since 1985, Camon has prepared authentic Japanese cuisine and presented customers with the freshest and finest sushi. Owners, the Kobayshi’s, believe in the quality of their food and want to share it with others. Chef, Mr. Kobayshi is behind the sushi bar everyday preparing roll after roll without missing a beat on artistic presentation. Mrs. Kobayashi doesn’t sit behind and watch, she takes joy in doing a little bit of it all from serving and preparing the food-to doing the dishes, whatever needs to be done gets done.

Camon has a strong variety of “regulars”, those who come in on a regular basis, even weekly. Getting to know the customers by their first name is not unusual at Camon. At Camon we enjoy our customers as much as they enjoy our food. It’s our pleasure to serve you with respect and class while you relax and enjoy a delicious dinner in a quaint atmosphere.

The Kobayashi’s are on Assembly Street Tuesday through Saturday 5:00pm-10:00pm greeting their “regulars” and looking forward to meeting and serving the next ones. Next time you’re in the mood for sushi, forget the mainstream sushi restaurants and choose quality over popularity. Come see us at Camon!

Being one of the first sushi restaurants in the Columbia area, Camon takes pride in their longevity and looks forward to serving Columbia for years to come. Thanks Columbia!